Feminism and communism/Marxism

I have been reading a lot of good, serious, angry posts about men’s rights blogs. I have been victim of divorce court, bad anti men laws. I have gone through my own pains. I suffered tremendous depression, stomach ulcers. I lost huge amount of money and mental peace. You just don’t know kind of mental torture I have gone through. I was seriously thinking of committing suicide but thoughts of my family kept me back.

As a last step, I have decided to join men’s rights association, take active part in equality movement. At this time, most of the movement is concentrated on father’s right, air divorce laws etc.

I have also gone through lists of men’s right organizations from different countries like USA,U.K.,Sweden,India etc.I have been going through the work they have done, the impact they have made. And I came to certain conclusions:

1) Men want equality in jobs, houses,divorce courts

2) They wanted their masculinity to be saved, not incessantly criticized by feminists

3) They want their voices to be heard

4) Not all men want to stay alone for life. They want families. They want their sons and

daughters to succeed in life.

The real impact of men’s movement:

USA = None

Sweden = None

Iceland =None

Norway = some

India =None

U.K. =None

So in nutshell, men’s right movement don’t have much impact either on government policies,media,judiciary.

There are very minor  successes like Norway shut down its gender studies program after  a documentary byHarald Eia (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ2xrnyH2wQ)).

The iceland prime minister openly said that feminists should not oppress men just because they got power in government.

But real achievements still elude this movement. I have read about condescending treatment given by U.K.,Swedish,Australian ,USA,Indian media to men’s right activists. They are laughed at ,jeered,ignored.Their rights given under constitution have been taken away. Seems like bulwark of democracy, the USA,UK, Australia, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, are  pretty happy about denying constitutional rights to its own men.

Never in the history of mankind, were men treated worse. I couldn’t even imagine it could happen in liberal democracies like America and U.K.This is just unbelievable.

The facts I am outlining are as follows:

1)Feminism is Marxist ideology,borrowing heavily from communism and communist ideology never dies.

Like a demon which gets new life from it’s spilled blood, communism always rejuvenates itself to suit particular country and society.The ultimate strategy under communism is to pit opressed against opressor and then capture power indefinetely.In western democracies,where populations were mostly uniform, they chose women as their “opressed”In poor countries,they took cause of  poor ,workers,farmers to gain power.

After gaining power,communist regimes tend to do exceptional harm to the people from whom they got support in first place.

In USSR,communists wiped a generation of farmers and workers.At the end of USSR,it has world’s most ill treated workers and non productive factories.

In china,when Mao focussed away his idea of communism on improving Farmer’s lives,almost 40-50 million farmers lost their lives due to huge mismanagement.

In West Bengal,communists managed to wipe of its professional class,factories and farmer’s income for permenently.This is poorest state in India,still guided by communist ideology.

In USA,Government managed to transfer highest proportion of income earned by men to women in entire history of mankind.The women who were supposed to be opressed became opressors themselves because “The State” is behind them.Despite all these wealth transfers.women still tend to look for suitable man.

 Why communism doesn’t die:

Even after communism failed in Russia in 1991,communist party is still alive and bidding for its chance.Thelaws written   by communists still exist. In  liberated Russian satellite countries,communists exert enough power on national politics.

In  india,after Communist party of India lost power (2012) in its ruling states of West Bengal and Kerala, they still have membership in millions. They may have lost power for the time being,but their ideologies and memberships are intact.

In European countries like Sweden,Norway.U.K.,France, Germany; socialists  communist rule. These communists are now  supporting minority muslims because they think white European men are oppressors.

Finally, communism can’t be eradicated completely because there is always some group which feels oppressed by someone and politicians are happy to exploit these differences.

Feminism and Marxism:

Marxist feminism is a sub-type of feminist theory which focuses on the dismantling of capitalism as a way of liberating women. Marxist feminism states that private property, which gives rise to economic inequality, dependence, political confusion, and ultimately unhealthy social relations between men and women, is the root of women’s oppression in the current social context.

Feminism is Marxist Ideology as it chooses women as oppressed and Men as oppressor. It will never stop at equality. It will only stop when every man on earth brought under strict control of women. But we know this.

Even Stalin,who supported feminism in earlier days of USSR,changed his ideas after overly freed women led to drastic drop in population.

“Joseph Stalin’s policies on women were more conservative than that of his predecessor Lenin. Because he was concerned with a declining population rate, Stalin de-emphasized the Marxist feminist view of women in society, which necessitated the emancipation of the woman from the shackles of her doubly binding oppression, patriarchy and capitalism. In keeping with the party line, Stalin reasserted the importance of women in the workforce and female education, primarily literacy, although he began to emphasize the role of mother in a way that differed from more radical notions of the early 1920s. The “withering away” of the family was no longer a goal of economic and political progress. The new party line was that the family, like the state, was to grow stronger with the full realization of socialism. Massive propaganda campaigns linked the joys of motherhood with the benefits of Soviet power. Soviet ideology began to argue that women’s public roles were compatible with her roles as wife and mother. In fact, that the two reinforced one another and were both necessary for real womanhood.


In China,Mao vehemently fell for idea of feminism but not s single women except his concubine/wife reached top of communist party leadership,Just read:

“ Mao had countless affairs, and was cruel and inhuman to the women he did decide to marry. He felt no obligation to the unknown number of illegitimate children he fathered, or to his legitimate children either. He lived out his belief that women did not need a husband nor children a father. Trotsky’s vision of women’s rights also allowed him to abandon his first wife and two daughters and take up with another woman.

As was the case in the Soviet Union, Chinese women did not reach the top levels of leadership within the party. In theory, they were supposed to be equal, but in the dog-eat-dog world of Communist power politics, no woman was able to work her way up from below into the upper echelons. The most influential woman was Jiang Ching, one of Mao’s wives. With his encouragement, she used her position to gain great political power. One of the notorious Gang of Four, she was deeply hated for her capriciousness and cruelty (the story that she had her own private torture chamber is perfectly credible). Shortly after Mao’s death she was overthrown and imprisoned along with her partners.:


In post 2, I will discuss they ideology to defeat feminism.

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